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STEM PUSH Network Accepts Three New Communities to Join Network; Arizona, Cleveland, New Jersey join to Work for Reforms in STEM College Admissions

  PITTSBURGH – Three new communities will join the STEM PUSH Network, a National Science Foundation INCLUDES Alliance, to work for systemic change in post-secondary admissions. The Arizona SciTech Institute, the New Jersey STEM Pathways Network and the NeoSTEM Ecosystem in Cleveland, all Ecosystems associated with the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice, are the second cohort to join the STEM PUSH Network. STEM PUSH is focused on equitable college access and seeks to reinvent the relationship between pre-college STEM programs and higher education admissions offices. The goal of the Alliance is to change admissions review by providing an evidence-based and equitable supplement to our current culturally biased standardized test-based system. The three new Ecosystems will each bring four or five pre-college STEM programs (PCSPs) that operate in their communities to the STEM PUSH Network.  The STEM PUSH Network will work with these pre-college STEM programs to improve their programming


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