STEM PUSH Network Leadership Teams

The overall structure of the Alliance situates the NIC and accreditation process within the BE STEM Center with the SLECoP serving as a backbone organization that interfaces with the broader STEM and Broadening Participation national communities.
Alison Slinskey Legg

Alison Slinskey Legg, PhD

PI, Alliance Leadership Team, Director BE STEM Center

Alaine Allen

Alaine Allen, EdD

Senior Personnel, Alliance Leadership Team; Accreditation & PCSP Self-Study

Robin-Renée Allbritton

Robin-Renée Allbritton

Graduate Student Researcher,
Center for Urban Education

Mackenzie Ball

Mackenzie Ball

Senior Personnel, Pre-College Programs & Communications Lead

David Boone

David Boone, PhD

Co-PI, Alliance Leadership Team, Pre-college programs

Ayesha Boyce

Ayesha Boyce, PhD

External Evaluator
Department of Educational Research Methodology
University of North Carolina Greensboro

Alyssa Briggs

Alyssa Briggs, PhD

Senior Personnel, Director STEM Learning Ecosystems, TIES

Dominique Briggs

Dominique Briggs

Project Manager


Lori Delale-O'Connor

Lori Delale- O'Connor, PhD

Senior Personnel, Alliance Leadership Team, Equity

Becky Gonda

Becky Gonda, PhD

Senior Personnel, Pre-College Programs & NIC

Veronica Gonzales

Veronica Gonzales

Consultant, Deputy Director of STEM Learning Ecosystems, TIES

Jennifer Iriti

Jennifer Iriti, PhD

Co-PI, Alliance Leadership Team, Co-Director Partners for Network Improvement, NIC Design Management

Chris Matthis

Chris Matthis

Research Assistant, NIC Design and Knowledge Management

Jan Morrison

Jan Morrison

Co-PI, Founder and Senior Partner of STEM Learning Ecosystems, TIES

Olivia Phillips

Olivia Phillips

Project Coordinator

Aileen Reid

Aileen Reid, PhD

External Evaluator
Department of Educational Research Methodology
University of North Carolina Greensboro

Jennifer Russell

Jennifer Russell, PhD

Senior Personnel, NIC Design and Knowledge Management

Jennifer Sherer

Jennifer Sherer, PhD

Senior Personnel, NIC Design and Knowledge Management

Talia Stol

Talia Stol, PhD

Research Associate, NIC Design and Knowledge Management

Alex Yentumi

Alex Yentumi


Advisory Council

Area of Expertise Related to the Alliance Grant

Anthony Bryk, PhD

President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement in Teaching. Expert in improvement science and networked improvement communities.

Louis Gomez, PhD

Professor of Education (and of Information Studies), UCLA and Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in Palo Alto. Expert in networked improvement communities, particularly in the areas of educational equity, mathematics and science.

Tanner Huffman, PhD

Executive Director, Advancing Excellence in P12 Engineering Education and assistant professor in the Department of Integrative STEM Education, School of Engineering at The College of New Jersey. Expert in STEM and K-12 engineering education with a focus on social relevance and empowerment.

Bobbie Laur

Executive Director, Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, professional organization of urban and metropolitan universities. Expert in higher education and partnerships, including K-16 education partnerships.

Kathleen Blee, PhD

Bettye J. and Ralph E. Bailey Dean of Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, Pitt Research focuses on social divisions within society. Recipient of Notre Dame’s McCarthy Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Scholarship of Social Movements and Collective Behavior.

James Martin, PhD

Dean, University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering. Newly appointed dean innovating the educational and research approach of the school by applying networking theories (i.e., Complexity Leadership Theory and Theory U).

Ebony McGee, PhD

Associate Professor of Education of Diversity and Urban Schooling at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College. Expert who focuses on the role of racialized experiences and biases in STEM educational attainment, math identity and identity development in high-achieving students of color.

Teri Reed, PhD

Assistant Vice President of Research Development for Office of Research, University of Cincinnati. Expert in engineering education, equity, diversity and K-12 engineering education.

Karl Reid, EdD

Executive Director, National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the 50K Coalition. Expert in increasing college access and opportunity for low-income and minority youth and broadening participation in engineering.

Howard Gobstein

Executive VP, Research, Innovation, and STEM Policy for the Association of Public & Land-grant Universities. PI of an INCLUDES Alliance: NAIDSF

Kelly Mack, PhD

Vice President for Undergraduate STEM Education and Executive Director of Project Kaleidoscope, Office of Undergraduate STEM Education, Association of American Colleges & Universities.

Muriel Alim

Senior Program Manager with the National Math and Science Initiative

Eileen Friou

Senior Director of Teaching and Learning with the AVID Center

George Spencer, PhD

Assistant professor at the University of Georgia and an alumnus of the INVESTING NOW pre-college program at the University of Pittsburgh.

Jamie Bracey-Greene, PhD

President and CEO
National Institute for Inclusive Competitiveness

Allison Scott, PhD

Chief Executive Officer
Kapor Foundation