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November 2022 Newsletter: Equitable Recruitment

In STEM PUSH, the networked improvement community (NIC) is our
learning engine.

Pre-college STEM programs try out small changes to their programming and gather data about whether these changes are leading to improvements in how well they serve Black, Latino/a/e, and/or Indigenous students. Over time, the “tests of change” that individual programs conduct help us collectively learn what works for which students, under what conditions.

In STEM PUSH, we have three improvement cycles each year. Programs participate in at least two of the three improvement cycles and share their learning at the end of each cycle. Programs can build on what their colleagues have learned to inform future testing.

STEM PUSH tests changes related to:

  • recruiting new/different Black, Latino/a/e and Indigenous students
  • nurturing STEM identity and sense of belonging
  • developing competencies that matter for the practice of STEM
  • strengthening college-going pathway supports.

In this issue, we share what we learned from the group who focused on recruitment, one of the four change ideas explored during our Winter 2022 (January – April 2022) improvement cycle.