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Participation in the STEM PUSH Network will support the continuous improvement of your programming while creating a mechanism to benefit your students’ postsecondary pathways.

Local and regional STEM ecosystems will serve an important role in this work by identifying additional PCSPs in their urban area and connecting PCSPs involved in the STEM PUSH Network with equity-focused higher education institutions, educational organizations, and corporations committed to broadening the participation of underrepresented groups.

Local and regional STEM ecosystems can also provide opportunities for STEM PUSH Network participants to share their learning with the entire local or regional ecosystem. As the accreditation process develops, local and regional ecosystems will help to brand the process with higher education institutions to create market demand for both PCSP participation and institutionalization in admissions.

Benefits of Participation

  • Connect to a national project supported by the National Science Foundation.
  • Increase the coherence of STEM programming in your ecosystem by supporting the linkages between PCSPs and higher education.
  • Learn how to use improvement science as a mechanism for continuous improvement.
  • Build deep connections with other regional STEM ecosystems and many PCSPs from across the country.

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Let's talk about equitable recruitment this November. In STEM PUSH's latest newsletter, we explore what we have learned about best practices in the recruitment of pre-college #STEM program #students.
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The STEM PUSH Network aims to #study the impacts of pre-college STEM program (PCSP) experiences on #student enrollment and persistence in #STEM in higher education. Here's how we plan to do it:

"STEM PUSH helps me take my experiences as a person of color & pose them in a way that I can connect with #youth. I understand more about my biases, so I don't make hurtful assumptions." -@chicagobotanic PCSP Leader. Learn about our #equity work:

STEM PUSH focuses on naming and framing #equity through the lens of race. Learn more about how equity informs everything we do:

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Let's talk about #equity in #STEM - Find out how STEM PUSH uses equity to inform everything we do. Read our Oct. newsletter here:

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